What people are saying...  


“Bo is the kind of person we don't often come across in life.  He is that rare gem who stumbles and falls at times but always gets back up stronger and wiser from the fall.  He wears his emotions on his sleeve and speaks his mind, it's refreshing.  Bo cares for people and he is committed to taking care of himself.  In a world full of teachers and trainers he stands out for continuing to be a student himself.  Bo shares himself openly and holds a space for others to do the same.  He is a strong and gentle man.  I have taught 100's of thousands of people and classes around the world and trained countless students to teach yoga but have found only one Bo Lackey.  If you get the chance to be around Bo take it, there is a smile waiting for you at the end of the interaction. As the Nike slogan said in the 90's 'Bo Knows'.”  - ERIC PASKEL (founder of Electric Soul Yoga, Los Angeles, CA)

“In all the group fitness classes I’ve taken, I’ve never had an instructor challenge and encourage me like Bo. He helped me realize that I’m capabale of so much more than my mind perceives.” - ANNA WRIGHT

“From day one of our training program, I could sense that Bo truly cared about making me (and our entire group) better.  He has a natural way of making you comfortable with being uncomfortable - he knows when and how far to push you, all while ensuring you remain in control.  Specifically related to our running training, I can absolutely say that, without Bo, I would not have been able to achieve my goal of not only running my first half marathon, but beating my time goal of two hours.  Throughout our training, I always felt that Bo genuinely wanted me to better myself, and now I feel like I can build on what he helped me accomplish and do even bigger things (with his help of course!).”  -  MARK ROBERTS (2016 New Orleans Rock and Roll Half Marathon finisher)

“Bo will make such an impact in many lives, just as he has in mine. He has instilled a love of burpees in me and lit a fire again in my love of ecercise. I credit Bo for helping me to feel better in my 40’s than I ever have! PEACE, LOVE & BURPEES!” - KIM FOUNTAIN

“When I stepped through the door at Fleet Feet Sports Mobile to attend the sports yoga class, I was not quite sure what to expect.  I quickly realized this was not your typical 'meditate and levitate' yoga class - it's better!  Bo's playlist incorporates a broad range of music making for a lighthearted and fun class and everyone is made to feel welcome and equal no matter where you are in your practice, both on and off the mat.  This class has strengthened my core to help me kick it up a notch and Bo's encouragement has given me the confidence to train for a half marathon.  Bo is an all around good guy, and I am a better person for knowing him.  I highly recommend trying one of his yoga classes or retaining him as your running coach.” - JANORA PARKER


“I finally made it to one of Bo's classes today.  Loved it!   I love to dance, music with a good beat and yoga.  Uptown Funk and Yoga... I died and went to heaven! Fun, awesome workout!  Challenging, yet all stuff I could do and similar to mine without the funk, and I do a lot of alignment.” - SUSAN STEBER KANGAL (YogaFit Yoga Instructor, Synergy Yoga and Pilates, Mobile, AL)