100 Day Burpee Challenge!

It's time for another 100 Day Burpee Challenge!  (Actually it's already started.  Today is day 4, but you can still get in.  More about that later) For all the new people, I'll explain what the challenge is, then I'll give you a history of the burpee challenge and why we do it, and finally I'll give some of my thoughts about how to successfully complete it.

The burpee challenge is very simple.  Day 1, do one burpee; day 2, two burpees; etc untill September 11, day 100, do 100 burpees. They can be broken up throughout the day. If you miss a day, you have to make them up the next day. If you miss two days, then you're out.

You can buy in at any time, even if you miss the start date. All you have to do is the number of burpees you've missed in order to catch up. For example, if you decide on June 8, that you want in you can do 15 burpees and you are in (1+2+3+4+5=15)

You can work ahead one day. Example, you know you are going to be busy on Thanksgiving eating all the turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie and watching football so you can do all the burpees for that day, the day before, on November 27. (yes, I know Thanksgiving isn't during this challenge, but it's just an example, and we'll do this again to end on New Years Eve!)

You can choose which kind of burpees you want to do.  Here's a video with some variations, but honestly burpees are only limited by the imagination!

Now for a bit of history. This madness started in 2012 when a good friend, Jenny Carter and I decided to do the burpee challenge to end on New Years Eve. We somehow managed to finish that challenge and bring tons of people along for the ride. Then we lost Jenny to a senseless act of domestic violence and a few of us decided to honor her memory by finishing another burpee challenge on her birthday. Ever since then I've done the challenge twice a year. This is the start of challenge #8 for me. With 5,050 burpees each time that means I now have 35,350 burpees in the bank from challenges alone. And I still do a burpee at the end of every race. Thanks Jenny, for making me a better person and for always reminding me to be the change I wish to see in the world.

Ok... So you now understand what the challenge is, how to do a burpee, and why we do this.  Here's the part where I give you some tips and tricks on finishing.  First, it is important to know that anyone can complete this challenge.  ANYONE.  If you can physically do one burpee, then you can add one every day for 100 days.  The people that give up, ring out, and don't finish do so for one reason.  Lack of mental strength. It is mentally hard to do burpees every day for 100 days.  Especially when you get to day 70 and realize you still have a month to go. You have to make the decision now that you will finish no matter what it takes.  I said before that the 100 day burpee challenge is simple.  Do not confuse that with easy.  It is hard.  Know that going in.  It takes dedication, perseverance and mental strength to do this.  If it were easy everyone would do it. 

Don't fall behind.  It's not so bad early on.  Miss day 10?  Do 21 burpees the next day and you're good.  Miss day 66?  It'll take 133 burpees to catch up. Even if you miss a day later, don't give up.  Technically the rules say if you don't make up all the burpees you missed the next day, then you're out.  Personally, I say try your best to follow the rules, but if you finish 5,050 burpees in 100 days you successfully complete the challenge.  If that means you do five extra burpees a day until you're caught up, then do that.

Join the facebook group we have set up specifically for this challenge. Membership is currently hovering around 500.  People come and people go, but it's a great place to get motivation and inspiration to finish.  There's a new post daily to remind you of the number of burpees to be done that day, and people are encouraged to posy pictures and videos or burpee variations and crazy places they've done burpees.  It truly has become a community.  You can search for the group on facebook and send a request to join at 100 Day Burpee Challenge! (the exclamation point is important) or use this link:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/184982708303479/

So, today is already day 4.  If you want in, just do 10 burpees and you're in.  (1+2+3+4+10). There's no cost, fees or dues to pay. I am planning on designing shirts for those people that finish and want to commemorate the occasion, and those will be for sale, but other than that, it's all about getting fitter, building mental and physical strength, and learning what is possible when we set our mind to reaching a goal and finding like minded people for support. 

As Jenny always used to tell us, "Burpees change lives!"  They have sure changed mine.