Ironman Chattanooga (IMCHOO): The journey begins...

So, here we are 6 months from IMCHOO.  After Ironman Louisville last October, another IM seemed like such a good idea.  I took over three hours off my time from IM Wisconsin in 2011, met some great people, had a great time and generally felt good.  Since then though, I have completed a move back to the Gulf Coast; started my yoga, coaching and personal training business; took a position with Fleet Feet Sports Mobile as a Fit Specialist, Coordinator of Training Programs and running coach; and am teaching yoga regularly at Synergy Yoga and Pilates, and SportsPlex Mobile.  To say I've had a lot going on would be an understatement.  That doesn't mean I haven't been staying active and fit.  I finished the New Orleans Rock and Roll half marathon in 1:57:35 with a group I was training with and coaching, I've been doing speed work and runs with my Fleet Feet training group, tons of yoga and even managed a swim or two here and there. I even have taken up trying to learn Argentine Tango!  However, I am not in Ironman shape.

I was beginning to consider not doing Ironman this year, thinking it would be too hard with all my other commitments and trying to grow my business and my client base. Then I remembered... It's supposed to be hard.  If it were easy, everyone would do it.  It's the hard that makes it great! (credit here goes to Tom Hanks in "A League of Their Own").  And what kind of example am I setting?  We find time for the things that are important to us.  So, here is my accountability.  I am competing in Ironman Chattanooga on September 25, 2016.  

Six months.  It's nothing. It's a hockey season. (Tom Cruise in "A Few Good Men").  I have a decent run base and general fitness.  It's time to start building the fire.  It's time to find some races to gauge my fitness along the way, schedule yoga and pilates for core and strength, and add weight training along with the necessary swims, bikes and runs.  My goal is to build strength and lean muscle and keep it during the endurance training, all while staying on a plant based diet.  I plan to keep this blog updated with my progress in training, business, relationships and life.  Come along for the ride and see how I manage to find balance in everything. Friend me on facebook and follow me on twitter @SpiritualCadre.  If you have questions or want me to tackle a certain subject, send me a message or comment.  I'm also planning on adding videos so you can all follow the ups and downs of Ironman training.  So buckle up, keep your hands and feet inside the vehicle at all times and hold on.  This ride could get a little bumpy.