Wecome aboard!

Welcome to Spiritual Cadre! This should be a wild ride.  Hopefully you've visited the home page, so you have an idea where the name came from.  If you haven't,  please do.  While you're at it, check out the "About" page to learn a little more about me and who I am.

I'll be sharing a lot of thoughts on this blog.  Thoughts about training for endurance events (I'm currently registered for Ironman Chattanooga in September 2016), yoga,  being vegan, relationships, Vedanta, and anything else I can think of.  This is going to be about life.  the good, then bad and the ugly.  It's things we all face, so we may as well and talk about it. 

For me, yoga is not simply a series of physical poses.  It is a way of living.  I struggle every day to live my life in a way that is consistent with certain principles.  I often fail, and that's ok.  It's about progress, not perfection. 

I chose the name "Spiritual Cadre" for several reasons.  "Spiritual" should not be taken to mean religious, although if you choose to take it that way, feel free.  For others, just remember that the word simply applies to those things affecting the human spirit.

"Cadre" has a special meaning to me as both a military veteran and a career law enforcement officer. It has a dual meaning both singular and plural.  In its plural form it refers to a group of people that are specially trained for a specific purpose and who are able to train others.  In the singular form, it is a member of such a group. 

The word "cadre" comes to us from French where it means "frame" or "framework".  I think that's exactly what we all seek.  A framework in which we can learn to truly live.

It is my hope that this can become a community of like minded people.  Those that are curious and seek answers about the world and about life.  Our specific purpose will be to live life in such a way that we are true to our spirit. "Spiritual Cadre".  Most people go through life believing that they are human beings seeking a spiritual experience.  I believe we are all spiritual beings having a human experience.

Life isn't always easy.  And it's not supposed to be.  Sometimes when things we don't expect happen to us, and we don't like what's going on in our lives, we let those waves pound us into submission.  Just remember this...

Enjoy the ride.